Tabitha Sewer’s Peek A Boo Midi Skirt

After a whirlwind week of successes with my Etsy shop, I decided to make a skirt to celebrate. Who does that?


I already had this beautiful black and white striped fabric from Walmart. I knew I was going to make a skirt. So my next step, google different skirts.

I always think of that scene in the Devil Wears Prada anytime I research skirts.


Anyway, I found and used Tabitha Sewer’s Peek a Boo Midi Skirt tutorial. The tutorial was really easy to follow. She uses solid color fabric in her tutorial.

I never worked with tulle before, and it was surprisingly very easy -although a nightmare to cut. And it also made my hands sweaty…was that just me? IMG_2070IMG_2077IMG_2099

I used stripes, which can take some time, but the outcome is always worth your effort. You can visit my stripes tutorial here.

I originally posted it first on Instagram, and I received an overwhelming response. The best part, Tabitha really loved it. And that made me feel proud -that I made her proud.


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