Hi loves! I feel like I’ve been M.I.A lately. But, it’s with good reason. I’ve been working on adding new things to my Etsy shop, venturing outside the box and taking opportunities. So, speaking of new opportunities, I’m so excited to announce that I will be a Brand Ambassador for Rebecca Page patterns. And if you’re not familiar with her brand -just know that she’s awesome! She has great mommy and me patterns. She even has pattern bundles for the whole family! And she has patterns that go up to 5XL. To me it was a no brainer to join the Brand Ambassadors team since her company represents diversity and values family.


With that level of inclusiveness, I felt totally comfortable going all the way outside of my comfort zone and making wide leg pants -something I wouldn’t dare do with my height and body type!

Ladies and gents, these are the Posy pants! It’s a brand new pattern in her shop and I absolutely love them! There’s so many different variations of this pattern. Culottes. Mommy and me. Sash. Sans sash. Pockets. Or without pockets. The list goes on and on. But I decided to keep it simple since I used stripes in my design.  You can use my affiliate link to purchase the pattern and take a look at my tutorial below for how I matched my stripes.

I had one challenge when making these! How do I make myself look taller? Well, that’s what I love about sewing. You can be an illusionist.

I referenced my high school Fashion Merchandising class where my teacher taught me all about stripes. Vertical stripes will make you look taller and horizontal stripes can make you like wider. So, I grabbed some striped fabric from Walmart (about 3 yards), and got to work.

I matched my stripes by making sure that I paid attention to the pattern. In my picture below I illustrate how I traced the stripes on the pattern so that they will match on all 4 panels. I identified each stripe on the pattern as “B” or “W” for “black” or “white.” I also started my front panel with black stripes and started my back panel with white stripes. I knew that the two panels would meet at the side seam so again, this was intentional so that my stripes can be consistent in the pattern. IMG_7032

The pattern directions were very easy to follow, thorough and clear. The PDF print out was super easy as well and took no time to put together.

I had so much fun making these pants which I think is evident in how much fun I had in these pictures. I’ll definitely be making these again with a sash and pockets and most likely in a solid color. IMG_3710



2 responses to “Rebecca Page pattern review: Posy pleated pants”

  1. Utamika Avatar

    Congratulations! These are fabulous!


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you !!!


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