Tabitha Sewer’s Lena Horne Dress

Here she is! My Lena Horne dress is complete! And if you’ve been following me on Instagram then you know that I gabbed about this dress during my takeover with @sewingbloggers. IMG_6206

If you haven’t heard of the Lena Horne dress, it’s Tabitha Sewer’s first dress pattern that she revealed during her rooftop meet up in Brooklyn last month. Since the release it has been all over Instagram with everyone doing their very own spin on the dress. As a matter of fact, today is the last day to enter the Lena Horne dress pattern.

So what are the specs? It’s a Summer dress with a gathered skirt (knee or midi length) that I believe is for a confident beginner, in my opinion. And if you need help Tabitha has a fabulous and easy sew along on Youtube.


I did a little bit of fussy cutting to make sure that my peaches didn’t end up in weird places on my bodice. I mean…it can happen! LOL.

I added a flounce at the bottom of my dress. And guess what? I did not use any additional pieces for my flounce.

I simply took the skirt pattern piece and turned it on it’s short side and cut 2 on the fold. Pretty easy, right?


My fabric is from a duvet cover. Yes, you read correctly! Do you remember my striped look for my birthday? Well, the stripes are the sheets from the same bedroom set and the duvet cover was a peach print. So for around $30 I got 2 outfits and a ton of fabric left over. Not bad for a girl on a budget, right?



You’ll get tons of practice with gathers since the dress has ruffles in the front and the back and a gathered skirt. You’ll also get practice working with an invisible zipper, turning straps inside out and how to line a dress.

And what’s even better? This dress doesn’t have very many pieces and opens the door for so many possibilities. Take me for example, I made it into a maxi dress. Imagine it as a romper with shorts? Or with a fitted skirt? Tabitha is the queen of hacking so she welcomes creativity when it comes to making it your own!

You can head to Tabitha’s website and buy a physical copy or a digital PDF.

2 thoughts on “Tabitha Sewer’s Lena Horne Dress

  1. I still can’t believe this was a duvet cover. I’m on the hunt for one to make Ava something now lol Great job on the dress and the takeover!!!


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