I’ve danced with the idea of making a pinafore for more than a year now. I’ve seen the York Pinafore made in almost every single way and each one always looks so personal and unique from the next.

So I tried my hand at the pattern. After reading the directions and realizing how straight forward it is, I noticed in myself that not only did I want to challenge myself a bit more, but it was an excellent “blank canvas” to do what I want. Those types of patterns are the best because it allows for so much creativity.

My version of the pinafore is definitely a Fall make (oh, but don’t worry there will be a warm weather version). I went back and forth on colors and settled on a wine color. At first I was slightly disappointed in my choice of color but decided to really dress up the Pinafore and make it a work outfit. So what changes did I make?

  1. Added Hong Kong seam finishes (reminds me of a more utility-esq garment) and made my own bias tape. Go me!
  2. Finished the bottom hem with bias tape as well.
  3. Got rid of the pockets in the front.
  4. Paired my Pinafore with a dressy blouse (Simplicity pattern 8839) to add a bit of maturity to the “look.”

Happy Friday!


4 responses to “Working Girl Outfit | The York Pinafore”

  1. Stacie Sturdivant Avatar
    Stacie Sturdivant

    Oh yes, darling!!!!!!


  2. Julie Avatar

    Looks fabulous, I’m loving the colour and the bias binding is just ‘mwah!’


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