Happy Tuesday! On Sunday I posed the question to my followers on Instagram…who influences your style? I got so many various answers. A lot of grandmas, moms and aunties were mentioned. And I too, count myself in that group.

I know I’m known mostly for 60s and 70s flare but that had to come from somewhere right? I tend to think so…glossing over old photos of my grandmother and other relatives during that time and I’m instantly inspired. The swag and sauce that they brought to every outfit is completely unmatched. Like…did they even own sweats back then?

Fast forward to growing up in the 90s, my mom was and still is SO glamorous. We’re quite the opposite when it comes to the style spectrum. She is someone that will wear heels on a road trip. I, on the other hand must wear a maxi dress so I don’t have anything constricting my waistline. Teehee.

I remember as a kid I would love to watch my mom get ready for work or any event we were going to. She would do her hair and make up in the mirror and I just couldn’t wait to grow up and be just like her.

There’s this dress that she used to have…and I was able to dig up a picture of it. She wore it on our Disney vacation when I was a kid (circa ‘92 or ‘93). It was polka dot halter dress with a matching book bag. Whoa mama! So when I saw this fabric I knew instantly I had to recreate this look. Lord knows where my mom got this dress (knowing her back then, maybe Lord & Taylor)…but I recreated it for much, much less! Like for $15…it’s quilting fabric, so it’s fairly inexpensive if you ask me. And the pattern…this is the Rose City halter dress by Sew House Seven!

My mom and me at Disney circa ‘92-‘93

If you get a chance to make it, it’s very simple and to the point. It’s a classic lined halter dress that gives you a gathered skirt or an a-line skirt option. I lined mine with coral fabric. It has darts on the bodice and it ties in the back with an invisible zipper on the side. It has a nice structure and enough support and coverage on the sides so I don’t feel like I’m spilling out. The neckline is a modest V shape. I would absolutely make this dress again…perhaps next time I will go a size down and make it in a maxi dress.

Enjoy! TTYL!


4 responses to “The look for less! My vintage inspired halter dress!”

  1. Stacie Sturdivant Avatar

    Oh Raven! That pic of your mom is perfect! Great job on the dress!!!!!


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you so much!!!


  2. crystalsewsandstuff Avatar

    Your dress looks great on you. You nailed your mom’s dress with this lovely polka dot print.! I made the Rose City Halter Dress a few years ago in red and I agree that is a great pattern. Thanks for sharing your version.



    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you! I bet the red looked absolutely gorgeous too!

      Liked by 1 person

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