Happy Wednesday everyone! Believe it or not this project has been in my UFO pile since last year. I bought all the supplies, the buttons (there’s 16), the zippers (you need 2) and the drawstring cord. All the pieces were cut and marked, I watched the video several times, only to get hung up on the front placket. For some reason it wasn’t matching up correctly and I added it to the wrong side of the coat. UGH! So I worked around that part, sewing up my hood pieces, working on the back piece, sewing on pockets, adding button holes and working on my sleeve tabs and pretty much doing everything that didn’t involve that one part. Then after a few more tries, I gave up – only to revisit it one year later.

One morning Joe mentions to me that he wants to go to Atlanta to watch the Braves play in the World Series. I’m so not into sports that I didn’t even know that it was that time of the year. Now, I haven’t lived under a complete rock, so I knew what the World Series was, but I underestimated the magnitude. Joe shared that the Braves hadn’t won a title since 1995 and they hadn’t been in a World Series since 1999, so this was BIG. Okay, I get it.

So without having a ton of time, I began thinking up what I could wear to the game. It would be outside, so I need something warm. And I thought, great I love sewing outerwear. But my schedule has been pretty hectic lately, so I had no time to source fabric, patterns and notions. (One thing about outerwear is that you need all the notions). But I remembered my jacket that I started last year and thought, maybe I can try to revisit this.

I took it out of my UFO pile, gathered all the pieces, re-watched the tutorial to see where I left off and that’s when I saw where I messed up. So I took the placket apart, started again and crossed my fingers that I would be finished in two days. And I did!

I started on Thursday night and sewed the front to the back and added the sleeves.

On Friday night, I added my collar, the detachable zipper hood, my sleeve tabs, closed out the bottom hem and sewed the bias tape together on the inside for the draw pull.

Saturday night after I got off work, I sewed on all the buttons, used Fray Check and cut open my button holes.

Sunday morning, I was read to go!

Once I knew what I was doing, I felt way more confident working on this jacket. I even thought about making one for Joe. Imagine that! His won’t be leopard of course. LOL! Until next time!


2 responses to “My new jacket! Mimi G x Simplicity pattern 9052”

  1. Peggy R Avatar
    Peggy R

    Great job! I love the leopard print.


  2. K Lynne Avatar

    Its gorgeous, love love the fabric choice. You did a great job and look FABLOUS in it.


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