Meet Raven Maureen

Hi! I’m Raven Maureen! I’m a sewing, fashion and DIY lover based in Jackson, MS! I have lived in 5 states up and down the east coast from New York City and down to the deep south in Mississippi. In 2011, I graduated from Hampton University with a BA in Broadcast Journalism. Let’s just say that my background in photography and writing definitely come in handy for this blogger life!

Before my mid-twenties I worked and interned in just about every aspect of Journalism and totally burned out. Now I work in talent acquisition at a major North American company. It’s crazy how things work out!

Here on my blog, (and on other social media platforms), I make everything and offer tips for everyone! I’m obsessed with prints (I like solids too) and eclectic classic fashion. I would describe my personal style somewhere at the crossroads of Zara, J.Crew, Madewell, Free People and Anthropologie. Let’s just say if they all had a baby – it would be me!

My love for sewing started at a young age, but it wasn’t until I took a clothing design class in high school that I learned a lot of technical details of sewing and garment construction. Since I started my blog, I’ve been sewing more consistently than ever before and my closet is about 80% handmade! And since getting married, I’ve started making clothes for my husband. I never would have imagined that I would come this far in my sewing journey!

In my spare time I love watching documentaries and going on nature walks with my husband Joe and our dog Bleu.

You can also find me hanging out with my cat, Nala. She tends to make an appearance in my sewing room, LOL.

I hope you enjoy my sewing corner of the world and say hello! You can contact me at, XO

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