So recently I realized that I was living wrong. Ok, that’s extreme. I was not living wrong, but my fabric organization -was anything but. It was not organized at all.

About a year ago, I bought these cloth storage bins that you can find at TJ Maxx to keep all of my fabric inside of them. They were unrealistic, cumbersome, awkward and I think my boyfriend thought I had 3 hampers in my bedroom. Wait, what?

Yes, that actually happened.

Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of having an entire sewing room. I can only dedicate a corner of my 1 bedroom apartment to my fabric storage.

So, after scrolling through Pinterest, I found some ideas on storage. I invested in a white 5 shelf bookcase from Amazon. I think it was the best investment of 2018. I can see everything. EVERYTHING! And I have all these cool hooks on the side for my mats and rulers. I even found a great hack to store all of my thread. Mine was a jewelry holder that I’ve had since college. I probably bought that from TJ Maxx too. For some reason, I’ve held onto it for all of these years and I decided to put all of my thread in each little pocket for easy access. It’s a huge time and space saver.

My next project -how should I store all of my patterns?…



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