I broke so many rules with this pattern! But more on that later. Let me start from the top.IMG_3344IMG_3331

It’s definitely an oldie but goodie. If you’re not familiar with this pattern it’s a vintage Simplicity pattern from 1969. I love this pattern because on some level I’d like to think my late aunt, who was a seamstress, might’ve tried the same pattern. simplicity 1059

For my version of this pattern, I used a navy blue  rayon challis from here. I chose view A. I experienced a lot of firsts with this pattern. I had the opportunity to work with front pleats and inserting a v-neck facing. I also didn’t follow all of the directions in the pattern. And I always follow directions! Here’s some modifications that I made to the dress:

  1. Omitting the zipper in the back. In my research other bloggers said that the back zipper was not necessary since the neck opening is wide enough. I cut my back piece on the fold. And saved my time and money on a zipper!
  2. I did not use interfacing on the neckline. This was more of a personal experiment. The dress has a very delicate silhouette. I did not want a stiff neckline. Not only did skipping this step save on time, I found it unnecessary in my process.
  3. V-neck facing: Since I omitted the back zipper, I also made the back piece of the v-neck facing into one single piece versus two pieces.
  4. Sleeves: Unhemmed, the sleeves were a bit long. Instead of hemming the sleeves at 5/8 inch, I hemmed it at 1 inch and used 3/4 inch elastic bands.
  5. Bottom hem: I actually cut 3 inches off the bottom and then hemmed it up 2 inches.
  6. Sans the sash: TRUE STORY! I ran out of fabric to make the sash. So I cinched my waist with a leopard belt from Target. 

Will I use this pattern again? In a jiffy! (See what I did there?). Next time, I would love to try a really groovy print!







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