Hey guys! This month I’m celebrating one whole year since I’ve gone natural! YAY me! For 18 years I used a relaxer in my hair and was taught that my hair was unmanageable. Lies! So last year, I went to a salon that specializes in natural hairstyles and asked for a big chop. The stylist looked at me like I was crazy. She told me that most people gave it more thought and warned me that I wouldn’t have a lot of hair left. She actually said that my hair would be less than an inch -which I knew was untrue because I was monitoring my “new growth.” Anyway, cut to 30 minutes later and I walked out of the salon with a tapered fro – more than 1 inch too.

CURLS sweatshirt
The POC Brand

So why am I talking about hair on my sewing blog!? Because I made a sweatshirt for $7 using my Cricut to celebrate my hair journey. There are so many t-shirts and hoodies for the culture and a lot of them are quite expensive. So my sweatshirt is actually a knock-off from The POC Brand. Theirs retails for about $50 plus shipping and handling. Other brands have similar items that are anywhere between $35-$50.

Today I’m going to show you how to make this look for less using your Cricut. Plus, if you have access to Design Space by Cricut you can use my project. I made it public just for you guys! Simply head to Pinterest for the link to my project.


So let’s get started!


  • Hanes sweatshirt or tee shirt (mine is a medium): $7
  • 2 different color pieces of iron on vinyl at 4 inches x12 inches each. I had scraps laying around.
  • Cricut & supplemental tools
  1. Head over to my project via Pinterest and once it opens up click on the eye icon on either “C” and one of the layers of “CURLS” will disappear. This is okay. If you’re like me and want to print them one by one this will be a step you’ll want to take. Select the eye icon to view the layer again on your canvas. Repeat the step for both layers. Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 9.23.20 PM
  2. Follow the directions on your screen to print both layers.
  3. From armpit to armpit measure across the middle of your shirt. Mine was 21 inches. I divided that by 2 and got 10.5 inches. This is your center. Using a dissolvable pen make a small dot on the center. IMG_6844
  4. From the neckline measure down 4 inches. Make another dot (near the 10.5 inch mark), this second dot is truly your center point. IMG_6843
  5. Center your first layer of letters. This should be the solid block letters and iron them to your shirt or sweatshirt. Gently peel back the plastic. IMG_6845
  6. Now place the second layer (your outline letters) on top of the solid letters and iron them.
  7. Optional: you can cut your neckline or add other embellishments as you wish!




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