I don’t own any red dresses! I know, shameful! So when I saw this pattern, all I could see was “red”…but in a good way. I wanted a nice Spring red. So I opted for a tomato red from Minerva Crafts. And as a side note, my package came super quick and shipping costs were really low. Always a plus.

Anyway, the pattern is by Chalk and Notch. And Gabriela, who owns the company, updated the pattern to include 3 more cup sizes. Rejoice for size inclusivity. As a girl who skipped A cup, and went right to a D cup in adolescence, I welcome this sort of variety. And not to mention that in her pattern directions there are specific steps for an FBA (full bust adjustment). I don’t see that everyday.IMG_4473

I didn’t have to do an FBA for this one since there was more than enough ease, but it’s nice to know the option is out there. I also went down a few sizes in this pattern. I know I’ve been working out, but not that hard! I went for the size 6 to make it less blouse-y on my body frame. I’m petite and busty -so too much fabric can swallow me up. I also took 3 inches off the skirt length. I took 1 inch up on the hip area and raised the skirt 2 inches in the slit area. I realized that if I took all my length out in the hip area then my slit would be dramatically raised – and I didn’t want that. This is a G rated show, folks!IMG_4586IMG_4595

Even though this dress is modern I find something very vintage about it, which I love. Or maybe it’s the way I styled it. But either way, I feel like I’m ready to break out into a swing dance. No? Just me? Okay.

Overall, this pattern was extremely easy to follow. I spent one Saturday on it, but I wish I broke it out into multiple days. Procrastinate, much? The bodice is very detailed, with gathers, bias tape and top stitching, but it makes for the most beautiful finished garment. So it was worth taking my time with.IMG_4576

And typically, I’m not a fan of ruffle sleeves. I like more of a bell sleeve -however, we’re in our hottest months so I opted for the short sleeve version. The ruffle sleeves really offer a nice balance to this dress and make it different than much of what I already own.

The dress also has pockets which I thought was a nice touch. Who doesn’t love pockets? And since I am really big on following directions, I think I found a new way to sew pockets. Well, maybe new to me, old to you guys?

Would I make this again? Absolutely. Maybe a print fabric for the next one?IMG_4492


2 responses to “My little red dress: Orchid Midi pattern review”

  1. Lou Avatar

    Super, cute, and as always…I love your choice of shoes. 🙂


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you!!! The shoes just made sense to me lol


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