It’s the last one…for now. And I plan on keeping this one short and sweet since I talked everyone’s ear off in the last 3 posts!

The pattern I used for the coordinates is McCall 7757 and my fabric is from Minerva. I made shorts instead of pants. I won’t delve too much into my outfit but you’ll be able to read about it on the Minerva Makers blog in September. If you follow me on IG then no worries. I’ll let you know when to look out for that. IMG_9688

The day I wore this outfit I know for fact we did the most walking and eating. It was Saturday and we started off with breakfast at The Ruby Slipper. It was so yummy, I forget what everyone had, but I ate the “St. Peter” which is the catch of the day with fried grits. Heaven. IMG_9665

Next we went to the French Market and picked up souvenirs and drinks of the adult kind. What? I was on vacation. And then we took a Lyft to Promenade Fabrics.

We got there and Joe whispered to me “This is your birthday gift” and then I melted. Not really, but I came very close. It. Is. Just. How. I. Dreamed. It. Less overwhelming than Mood in New York, but the prices seem higher. I found Chanel in a corner for $86/yard. Eeks. But I came across 2 wonderful fabrics that I plan to make something really lovely with both. I say all that to say, that there might be a “New Orleans: Part Cinq” in the future.

The staff was absolutely wonderful and so helpful. They even showed my dad and Joe where to sit while my mom and I played in fabric.

I was a little embarrassed because my mom kept mentioning my sewing blog to the staff and trying to show them my makes. She meant well though.

Their inventory is totally different in person than online so the in person experience is definitely worth it.

Moments after leaving Promenade Fabrics! 

From there we ate lunch in the garden district and took a street car back towards the business district and walked down to the Superdome. Joe really wanted to see it and I’m not a mean girlfriend so we took a peek at it. There wasn’t a soul in sight when we walked over there, which seemed very odd, but we got to see it very up close and personal because of that.

Next we went to Willie Mae’s restaurant. Locals and tourists know this place because it has the best fried chicken. And they’re not wrong. I’ve never tasted fried chicken that literally melts in your mouth, flaky, rustic golden brown and so delicious all at once.

So by the time we ate dinner it was 7pm. My outfit was still in tact, but we were all dead tired. My poor piggies were swollen from all the walking we did.

We were supposed to go out that night so I can ring in my birthday at the club. But the more I thought about it, I figured I’m going to turn 30 regardless of being in the club or not. And I’ve had more birthdays and celebrations at a nightclub than I care to remember. It wouldn’t kill me to sit this one out right? IMG_9607


2 responses to “New Orleans: Part Quatre”

  1. Utamika Avatar

    This two piece is a great summer staple….love it… The place sounds amazing!


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Lol I feel like I’ll be making more of these in Summers to come! Thanks


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