Guys, this is it! This is the final scrap busting post (for now). And this was a fun, but also productive series. I wanted to end with the ballet sweater because it was the most significant piece for me personally. IMG_7601

When I was growing up, I danced and I always wanted a ballet sweater just like my instructor and the older girls. My mom would always tell me, “next year” or “we can’t afford that right now.” We weren’t poor, but dance is expensive. After you calculate the cost of dance classes, shoes, leotards, leg warmers (totally a thing), costumes and endless hairpins…the very last thing on your list is a sweater…that most teachers will ask you to take off anyway so that they can see your form. IMG_7676

So, fast forward to many years later, I made my own! Woo-hoo! I used this jersey knit fabric from Etsy. Sometime last year I made a pink midi dress that never saw the light of day. From that project, I had just about a yard left for this project. IMG_7647 (1)

I used every single inch of the scrap for this. Ha. The pattern pieces seem to fit like a glove. Speaking of pattern pieces, I used Simplicity 8424 View E.

It’s a quick sew, but I dragged it on for a few days. Honestly, it can probably be cut and made in a day but I don’t enjoy working with jersey knit that much and procrastinated a lot with the sweater. Don’t get me wrong, I have a walking foot and I use the correct needles…it’s just not my favorite fabric to work with.

Will I be making this again? Probably not. Only because I should own just one ballet sweater. It makes it much more special, right? IMG_7666



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