Whew! If you follow me on IG then you know I fought hard to make these jeans. I faced every challenge… from having the wrong fabric to breaking my machine (hopefully that’s temporary).

But mama! I made it! Here they are and I lived to tell the tale! My very first pair of jeans! With a waist band, button and zipper fly and all the top stitching a girl could ask for!

I used a rose-y top stitch thread color by Gutermann since my jeans are really dark. The yellow was a very harsh contrast between the dark wash. The rose color was definitely more mellow. IMG_8756

I used a stretch denim from Fabric.com and made sure to pre-wash since I heard that raw denim can actually bleed really badly.

I made sure that I purchased a denim needle and widened my top stitch length to 4-4.5 at certain seams. A pro tip: use normal thread in your bobbin when your top stitching. Don’t ask me why it works, but it does! IMG_8718

And I used Simplicity 8516 (Mimi G pattern) for my make. A lot of reviews mentioned that these were mid waist jeans. Well, I’m so short they were high waist on me –but I aint mad. They actually came out more flattering. I opted not to take in the rise by 1 inch like I normally do since this was my first pair. IMG_8705

In her 5-video tutorial on YouTube she mentions grading a size down for the stretch denim, which I did. And bast-stitching the side seams before a final stitch. I did that too. I probably took in an inch or 2 on each side of the jeans. Whew, but they fit like a glove. I did have to remove the coin pocket after taking them in so much and I took in my waistband by an inch versus 5/8 inch.

The tutorial online was easy, but I wanted my jeans to be perfect so I was very particular about my topstitching and how the inside of the jeans would turn out. I think that now that I know what to expect as far as the steps and how denim will respond with my machines, I’ll be ready to make these again in no time! IMG_8696


9 responses to “My very first pair of jeans: Mimi G/Simplicity 8516”

  1. Anna Marie Avatar
    Anna Marie

    Beautiful I don’t wear jeans 👖 often I only have one store bought pair that’s too small but I think I want to try my hand at making a pair


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you so much!! It’s a great feeling of accomplishment!


  2. K Lynne Avatar
    K Lynne

    Thank you for sharing your denim journey. They came out perfect and love the styling. Can you tell me what kind of thread was used for the top stitch, since you said us normal thread in bobbin? Also, I love fabric.com and wanted to know the name of your fabric. thank you


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thanks….it’s a Gutermann upholstery thread. The fabric is Indigo by Robert Kaufman


      1. K Lynne Avatar
        K Lynne

        Thank you very much.


  3. Alexis Avatar

    Omg you’re adorable. These came out amazing Raven! Great job


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thanks Alexis!


  4. Utamika Avatar

    Fabulous!! Love it! Well done!


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