If you’ve followed me for a period of time then you know that from time to time I like to mix prints.

Well, I’ve done it again. And this time, I used stripes and florals, just in time for Spring to create my new “dressing gown” or (also popularly known as) a bathrobe. I used the Suki Robe pattern from Helen’s Closet. (This is only my third time making it). For my fabric I had this beautiful striped fabric that I picked up in NOLA last year for my birthday. I’ve changed my plans for this fabric 20 times, but I’m really happy with the final project that I decided on. My trim is from Hobby Lobby. I only changed my plans for this fabric twice! LOL.

How this project came to be a “mixed print” theme was very simple. These two fabrics were laying on top of one another on my shelf and I was immediately inspired by the colors. And then the pattern followed very quickly after that. I decided to highlight certain areas of the suki robe with the velvet fabric like the trim around the neck and arm, the belt carriers and the belt.

Here’s how you can spot your next “mixed print” project!

  • Identify similar colors in your prints.
  • Choose one small print and one larger print.
  • Textures totally count as a print!
  • Stripes and leopard can be considered neutrals.

2 responses to “Bohemian babe! How I mixed & matched prints (again) for my new dressing gown!”

  1. Introvert Stylist Avatar

    I’ve always found it hard to mix prints, but you have inspired me to try. I like how you pulled the black from both to tie it together.


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you! I can’t wait to see what prints you make together! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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