Happy Thursday y’all! If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I’ve been participating in #MeMadeMay. So the premise is basically that you wear something that you made everyday for the month of May …or reshare previous looks…or whatever you decide to pledge.

This is my first time doing this challenge …and I was apprehensive at first…because Covid. But honestly, it’s been keeping me in a routine. Not gonna lie.

So today I’m wearing my sequin Ogden cami. I had some left over sequins from a project I did for Minerva. It was just enough for this pattern -which if you know me…then you know I’ve made this pattern a bunchhhhh of times!

My sequin robe that I made for Minerva.com last Fall

I’ve written a post in the past about sewing with sequins, but that was my first project and I’ve learned some more things. Now that I have about 3 sequin projects under my belt, I feel like it’s time for an updated post! So here we go y’all!


  • Really sharp scissors
  • Denim needle
  • Lining fabric (optional)
  • Fusible hem tape (ex: Heat N’ Bond)

Prep work:

  1. Do your research on sequin fabrics. There’s stretch, some have a tulle/mesh backing (like my cami), there’s non-stretch, theres big sequins and small sequins. If you have a mesh backing you’ll need to get lining fabric.
  2. Use a denim needle. You’re going to hear a lot of scary noises as the needle punctures through. Use the strongest needle in your tool box!
  3. Cut all of your fabric in the same direction. Just like a directional print or corduroy there is a nap that you will need to consider. You want to make sure all of your pieces are cut in the same direction.
  4. Sew slow. Like really slow. Don’t rush your project!
  5. If you have larger sequin beads then you will want to either pick out your seam allowance with a seam ripper.
  6. Or, tuck your beads into the seam allowance like you would with fur. But either way, be prepared to trim and pick out excess beads to avoid bulk.
  7. Finishing the hem. I use Heat N’ Bond iron on tape to finish my bottom hems. I’m sure there are other methods but this seems to be the least time consuming. I highly recommend leaving a towel on top of the sequins as iron on the hem tape.

Don’t forget to share your looks with me on Instagram @ravenmaureen_


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