Hey y’all! Today I’m sharing this free sewing pattern by Mood Fabrics. If you follow me on IG, then you know that this is the monthly sewing pattern for Sew Your View.

I used a Hitachi Sweater Knit in white from Fabric.com for my dress. It’s a beautiful off-white sweater knit that is just too yummy and stretchy not to mention. I pre-washed the fabric, but I wish that I got it dry-cleaned instead because it got little pills on it after the wash. It’s reversible though! I plan on getting a fabric shaver to fix my dress.

On to the pattern… this is a really easy pattern. Again, it’s a free pattern on Mood. They recommend a rib knit, which I agree will be perfect for this pattern. It also has a faux placket for buttons. This pattern piece is optional and I’ve seen a lot of people use a contrasting color for the placket, or leave it off. I kept my faux placket and put small notches on the front bodice to indicate where the placket should be placed. I added the buttons before sewing my shoulders and sides.

I also brought the hem line up 2 inches on the pattern and cut out a size 14, which is a size down from actual size since I wanted it to be super fitted.

Then I also left the bottom hem and sleeve hems unfinished, which is not something I normally do, but I also didn’t see a need to finish it this time.

Until next time…


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