Happy Tuesday! If you follow me on Instagram then you know that blush tones are my jam! When Telio Fabric reached out to me a few months back with a few swatches to choose from I instantly gravitated towards the pink. I know. Not your average holiday colors, but rules are always meant to be broken.

So let’s unpack! I used the Nikko dress pattern by True Bias for my turtleneck dress. It was my first time using this pattern, but I already know that it will be in heavy rotation. I used Telio Fabric’s Doppio fabric in Blush. It’s like a really soft, but thick sweater knit but the components are Rayon, Nylon and 20% Polyester. I decided to leave the edges unfinished since I felt like a hem could create unnecessary bulk. The color is just as rich in real life as it is in picture.

In constructing the garment, I used a zig zag stitch since it is stretch. I made sure to use a zig zag stitch that is slightly wider than normal since the fabric is thick and I did not want it to get it caught in my machine. I also removed about 5 inches from the bottom hem of the dress to make it into a mini.

Would I choose this fabric again? In a heartbeat. I mean, the possibilities are endless. I could see it as a blanket, a vest or even a cardigan. It’s just so smooth and soft. And I’m not just saying that either.

For my vest, I used Butterick pattern 6244 which is a very popular pattern in the blogosphere. I discovered it last year and made a unlined jacket out of it. I love this pattern specifically because it reminds me of one of my favorite style icons, Meghan Markle. She wears this style, a lot! For this particular version of the pattern, I used Telio’s Plumes fabric which has a stretch foundation, but made up of tiny feathers -so it gives a shaggy-fluffy look.

I had to do a bit of hacking, but it’s easy I promise. First I left off the sleeves because I thought it would look great in this fabric as a vest. Because I made this pattern in the past, I already had full knowledge that the inside lapels show on the finished garment so I actually had to make 2 vests. One was for the outer piece, the other is the lining. For the lining, I made sure that the two lapels were the same as the outer fabric (Plumes). The back lining piece is actually the Doppio fabric (the same as my dress). I wanted to make sure that I did not have as much bulk on the backside. For the outer pieces I used all Plumes.

I use the same steps to sewing fur as I did with this fabric. It has a bit of a pile (how thick the fabric is) so with each seam I tucked the pile into the seam allowance and used a zig zag stitch. Again, this is the suggested stitch to use when sewing with fabric that has pile and has a stretch foundation on the wrong side.

My vest might weigh a few pounds but it will definitely keep me warm! I feel so luxurious and over the top when I wear it. If there is a small holiday gathering that I need to attend this year, this vest is coming outside with me! I also love that it’s pink. I’m such a girlie girl and this is not a color that you see often, that I just could not even resist.

I think what I love most about my ensemble is that I can wear these together or separate. They look great together or apart. And! Because it’s pink, this can be worn on date night, Valentine’s Day, the possibilities are endless… it’s not completely isolated to the holidays.

Until next time! Xo.


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