Happy Wednesday y’all! Can you tell that I love my new bomber jacket? Like, it gives me a whole new attitude.

But in all seriousness I’ve been putting off this project for 2 years. It’s a shame, but each time I would be ready to start this project I found something new and shiny to make. Isn’t that awful how that happens? LOL.

So I made it my business that this year would be MY YEAR to do this! I bought two jacket patterns. The New Look version (which I used) and Beaute J’adore’s version with McCalls (7636). I know you might be thinking just what is so different between the two…well, a lot actually. And the differences were the deciding factor for which pattern I wanted to move forward with.

The McCall’s pattern has a higher collar (positive) and I love the sleeves (extra positive). But the New Look version had raglan sleeves (my favorite). So I was sold!

Making the jacket was easy. The pattern has 9 pieces with the same pieces for the outside and the inside. The only part that was tricky for me was attaching the bottom of the lining to the ribbing. In my opinion the instructions were not clear but after doing a few basting stitches/mock placement I was able to figure it out.

Steps 14 and 15 were hard to understand from the instructions.
This is an example of how to sew the lining to the bottom of the ribbing.

For my ribbing and outer pieces I picked up fabric from Mood. The ribbing is black and the outer fabric is a navy blue stretch twill.

The lining is gifted from family. It’s a silk under-the-sea theme with a navy blue background.

Honestly, I see this being an everyday Fall or Spring jacket. I like that it’s a neutral so I can pair it with different colors, and dress it up or down. I paired mine with a dress that I made last year, but I also think it will look great with a pair of jeans and heels or a sports bra and leggings with sneakers. The possibilities are absolutely endless.


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