Hey everyone! I know it’s been a few weeks since the last time I wrote on my blog. If we’re being honest, I’ve been getting really wrapped up into creating TikTok videos and it’s really been occupying time. Shameful, yes. I know. But if you’re on TikTok then give me a follow at @ravenmaureen_! Anyway, back to why you’re really here!

Let’s get into this pattern! I don’t absolutely love to hate a pattern, but this one had multiple offenses… or maybe mine was missing a page of instructions and patterns (which is not impossible). I used McCall’s 7812 view A and B for the look. Here’s what happen, I was looking for an easy pattern to work on because I had just busted my tail to make my beloved velvet jacket (blog post still coming).

I had this rib knit since the Fall from Walmart’s $2 special. I wanted to use with it for a really chill 90s vibe. I reviewed the pattern beforehand, but since I have the Lucida by Friday Pattern Co., which is nearly the same thing, I decided I knew much about the construction but I kept the instructions close by anyway.

For this project, I finished most of the seams with my serger. And yes, this Walmart fabric survived a serger. I used twin needles on my sewing machine to finish off the hems.

Next, I was perplexed by a step at the bottom hem, that asked me to connect the two front bodice pieces without hemming the bottom first. I was puzzled considering that they were suggesting that I connect the 2 front pieces THEN hem the bottom, which would close off the bottom and the string pulls would have nowhere to come out of for the ruching. *SIGH* So I hemmed the bottom THEN connected the 2 front bottom pieces, and then created the funnel for the string pulls. Whew! Crisis nearly averted.

Next, I looked and looked for a bit of instruction and pattern piece about the string pulls. Surely there would at least be a mention of them…even if it was just a ribbon. I swear y’all, I found NOTHING! Not even in the instructions. Thankfully I know how to sew (wink, wink) and I know how to use a loop turner to make my strings. So improvised and pulled out my Lucida pattern and used the pattern piece from there to construct the string pull. It was about 24 inches by 2 inches (cut 2 of each). So I quickly made that and used my turner to turn it right side out. Then I used a safety pin to funnel it through the tunnels I made on the front bodice piece.

I mean, what if I was new to sewing? What if I didn’t have the Lucida pattern? And what if I never made anything with ruching and simply was going to be lost. I completed my top, but not without several eye rolls. It’s irresponsible (even if it’s $1.99) to put something on the market and completely miss the quality control aspect.

Like I said before, I don’t normally have much to say about patterns. And I’ve heard my share of horror stories on social media about specific notorious patterns, but like I said earlier, it just seemed like a total miss. Anyway, I made a really gorgeous top that I hope to wear out somewhere. I hope that my review will help someone else out!

A few things to note: hindsight is 20/20, but the reason I decided to make the commercial pattern over the Lucida was because I wouldn’t have to hack the sleeves or extend the bodice. As it shows, I still had to do a bit of legwork anyway.

Second, if you have this pattern and you’re fuzzy on how to construct this garment, I actually did a step by step of the Lucida here.

Until next time! xo


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