Hey everyone! TGIF! Today I’m sharing my first DIY Tutorial on Youtube! Oh my goodness, I’m going through so many emotions – but the most important one is that feeling of “Mission Accomplished!” So is it perfect? Well, it is to me. I edited and re-edited so that it’s digestible for a viewer, like you. Pun intended.

Now, I’ll be honest, I came up with my idea in a day. I know, that’s insane. And then I said, okay let’s film it. I’m just pouring on the crazy here at this point. And then I edited it in one night. All actions not recommended to try at home.

But that’s sort of been my whole mood with YouTube because it still frightens me. So I still do everything -slightly scared, but still doing -and experimenting every step of the way.

Now to the fun part, my DIY tutorial is a really, really easy DIY Summer top. It has about 8 rows of shirring. Just 8. So if you can stomach 8 rows (rather an entire bodice) then you can do this project.

Check it out!


One response to “Tutorial: EASY DIY Summer blouse!”

  1. Peggy R Avatar
    Peggy R

    Thanks , very helpful video! I always learn something from you and I appreciate your positive energy!
    Peggy R.


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