Hey y’all! I’m back this week with a new pattern review. It’s the Milk Maid Dress by Lydia Naomi Studio. I’m trying something new with my pattern reviews and I want to give the high points up front. Here we go!

Where did I buy the pattern? Etsy shop, easy check out.

What is included? PDF tiles with guide to assemble. No paper instructions, only a YouTube tutorial. This is not terrible, Lydia is very thorough in her video and has a great personality.

Fabric choice: I used a rayon challis, but I have thoughts. So the pattern has a boning option, which I opted for at first. But my fabric choice did not withstand the weight of the boning. So it caused issues. I wore it once with boning and then I removed it and it completely changed the look and wear of the dress – in a positive way. I don’t recommend boning unless you plan to line your dress and use a heavier weighted fabric.

Construction: Overall, the construction is easy. I will say that my least favorite part is the back panel. Next time, I think I’ll use shirring for this. The dress calls for an invisible zipper, but there is no facing for the invisible zipper or the back panel. So it looks unfinished in my opinion.

Instructions: Easy to follow from her YouTube video.

Fit: Fitted through the waist, A-line skirt, bodice has drawstring cups for the breasts. I don’t know if I’m describing it accurately, but it made for a great neckline!

Will I make this again? Yes, of course I’ll add the shirring panel in the back, and I think I would make a longer midi version with a slit.

Until next time! xo!


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  1. Peggy R. Avatar
    Peggy R.

    Thanks for the review. You look great!

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