I bought swimwear fabric for my honeymoon! This is not a sponsored post but I bought all of my swimwear fabric exclusively from Blue Moon Fabrics. I’m sharing what I love about this company and their fabric. Plus some sewing plans!

Here’s the SKU’s for all the fabric: https://www.bluemoonfabrics.com/

Lemon lime NTL1-838

Ivory NTL1-29 Rust NTL1-87

Poppy Red (from my stash) NTL1-758

Ribbed black (from my stash) HK424-10

Cantelope HK424-104

Here’s the links for all the patterns I plan to use:

Edgewater patterns https://edgewaterave.com/collections/patterns Bombshell bathing suit x Closet Core Patterns https://closetcorepatterns.com/collections/sewing-patterns-all/products/bombshell-swimsuit-pattern


One response to “I bought swimwear fabric!”

  1. Peggy R Avatar
    Peggy R

    The bombshell suit is da bomb! That is a great retro look. I can’t wait to see your suit. There are so many choices on the Edgewater site- I loved them. Have fun Raven Maureen 🙌


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