Hey y’all! I dipped my foot in the ditzy floral pool and made the perfect dress for Fall. If you’ve followed me for a minute then you know that I typically don’t sew with florals. But I’m trying to work on that… because it’s hard to have a closet full of leopard sometimes. LOL.

So let’s get into this pattern – McCall 8174. I wanted something that matched this dress that I saw on Pinterest. And when I saw the dress, I immediately thought of this pattern. And when I looked up the hashtag, it seemed like many other people did something very similar.


This was a really quick sew and very easy. I would caution anyone to pay close attention to how you lay out the skirt since there’s a lot of curves and grains and it’s also 3 pieces – which can confuse me sometimes!

My fabric is from Joann’s! This is another first for me. It’s been a LONNNNNG time since I’ve shopped there for fabric but I needed something fast and unique. On another note, my beloved Fabric.com has gone away so I will be looking at other companies to source fabric. I know they weren’t the only place, but I had shopped with them for a very long time and even did some collabs with them. I’m really sad to see them go -especially the people that worked there.

Until next time, xo!


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