I always tell myself that I should not make 2 separates in one week, but here am I doing it anyway. LOL.

I made a button up shirt and a pair of jeans in one week and it’s about as stressful as it sounds. I had a very busy week, and honestly I just wanted to sew some things that I had on my list for the month.

I wanted to make this button up shirt from this linen fabric that I picked up last Fall in Vancouver. I used Simplicity pattern 8416 and cut a size 20 (view A) which was way above my normal size range. That was deliberate since I wanted an oversized “husband” shirt. My plan worked and it came out great. The proportions are exactly what I wanted and was hoping for.

I made a sewing vlog to document my sewing journey with this pattern. A few things I want to note about this pattern are that 1) it has a single yoke. So no burrito method over here. YAY. 2) it has a curved hem and a traditional collar piece and stand. Also, YAY. 3) it has a weird cuff design with a double pleat and a fold in method that I’ve never done before but don’t hate whatsoever.

Here’s a link to check out my sewing vlog.

Now let’s talk about the jeans. This is my second time making the jeans – they are Simplicity & Mimi G 8655. I made my first pair of these back in 2020 and I used a dark stretch denim. I’ve always wanted to make second pair in either super light denim or white denim. I bought the light wash denim from Hobby Lobby. It’s 45 inch stretch denim. It’s pretty light weight too, not as heavy which makes them even more perfect for Spring. I used the size 14 that I originally cut 3 years ago…and honestly I could’ve gone down to a size 12. I might still alter the pants to make them more fitted in the legs later on in the year.

For both versions, I used Mimi’s “Free People” hack which is a video she made that demonstrates how to slash and spread the pattern for a more exaggerated look. 10/10 highly recommend. Here’s the link!

For the light wash, I left the hem undone on purpose. Over time I want to create a nice fringe and distressed look.

Let me know what you think of my 2 for 1 look in the comments below. Until next time! XO


4 responses to “I made a linen button up shirt with jeans!”

  1. Ashley Langston Avatar
    Ashley Langston

    I love them both!!!!
    I have made the pants!!! How did you determine the right size?? When I cut my measurements and the stretch in the fabric they end up being a bit big…


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you. I sized down one size in these jeans. But you might still have to make modifications depending on how snug or loose you may want them to be.


  2. Peggy R Avatar
    Peggy R

    I like that look a lot- great job on the separates! That’s a pretty color too on the linen shirt. You are “sew” amazing!


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Aww thank you so much Peggy!


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