In my home, you will find a blanket on nearly every surface available to sit on. I love blankets.

I’ve seen so many tutorials on Pinterest on how to add trim to a flannel blanket that it would be excessive to try to give credit to everyone. But I encourage you to take a look for yourself and get inspired by all the pretty sights.

As for my blanket, it was all happenstance. This fabric that I used in my blanket is actually the same fabric I use for my white buffalo scarves. Walmart was discontinuing this fabric which meant that I would need to find another manufacturer for my white scarves. Instead of using the rest for my shop I decided to use what I had left over for a blanket. I bought some contrasting yellow trim from Amazon (prime member, right here!) and in 1 hour I had a new blanket to add to my collection. img_3771.jpg

Total time: 1 hr.

I finished the edges with my serger, but you can also use pinking shears or your zig-zag stitch on your machine.

These make the perfect handmade gifts for the holidays and they are truly a nice upgrade to flannel fabric.



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