Happy Election Day!

Even though there is no gift exchange, this is probably one of my favorite American holidays. I believe so much in democracy and civic duty that I love waking up and heading to the polls to vote!

This election is probably one of the most important of my lifetime, and so in the feeling and spirit of this, I wanted to make a skirt and dedicate an Instagram post for the occasion.

Jackie Kennedy is one of my fashion icons. I don’t just mean that I love her style. It’s deeper than that. I saw her clothes at a MET exhibit as a little girl. I have a few biography books on her, so yes, I love this woman. For the look, I wanted to channel my inner 1970s Jackie O to show my point of view. To me, she represents an American dynasty and her style is true, classic American at it’s best.

For the skirt, I drafted my own A-line skirt (view my tutorial here) but you can use any A-line pattern for the design. I really wanted an understated twill fabric with a rich color to offset the simplicity of the design. And in real Jackie style, I chose to pair it with an older turtle neck from Banana Republic. And for a modern twist, I chose a higher black stiletto pump from of all places, Amazon.




4 responses to “Channeling my style icon: Jackie Kennedy-Onasis”

    1. R A V E N Avatar

      thank you ❤


  1. Heidi Avatar

    This is so perfect! Can I ask how much ease you added to your hip measurement? It seems to have more flare compared to the tutorial. I would love to be able to create something like this. Finding the right pattern has eluded me so far, maybe yours will finally be what I need.


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Hi Heidi! That’s a great question! I believe, because I wanted it to be more dramatic, I added about 2 inches of ease to each of my panels. Full transparency, I’m 5’1” and I thought this overwhelmed me a bit. I recommend considering your height when adding the flare as well. ☺️ happy sewing!


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