Whew! What a time I had with this project. The front cover of the pattern actually says that it takes one hour. It actually took me about 5 hours because everything that could go wrong, actually went wrong. Needles. Broken. Thread. Popped. Bobbin. Jammed. You name it, it happened. Over and over and over again!

I wore this on a recent business trip to Asheville and had the opportunity to visit the Biltmore Estate so of course I used the occasion to stitch something up!

m6209I used view A, size XS. I’m really glad I used the smallest size because the pattern pieces were JUST the right size for my fabric which was about 60 inches. I had 3 yards of Ponte Roma fabric from here. I pre-washed my fabric since I plan to wear this regularly.

For the most part the steps were easy. Next time, I will probably omit the reinforcements for the button holes. I found this step unnecessary with my fabric choice.

I will definitely do this project again because it’s super comfortable, roomy and I can totally see my mom asking me to make her one. 😉


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