I’ve been sewing for quite sometime now, but somehow I missed the train for making key fobs! It’s the easiest thing that a person can make -and I think I was mostly intimidated by the hardware portion of the project.

If you’re new to sewing or like me, behind the trend, this DIY project is so easy that it will have you creating key fobs for everyone you know. Let’s get started!




  1. Cut 1 piece of fabric and 1 piece of interfacing at 4 inches by 12 inches. img_4824
  2. Iron the interfacing to the fabric.
  3. Fold and iron the fabric like this. img_4827
  4. Fold and iron the fabric again so it looks like this. Measure the width to make sure that it is 1 inch. img_4829
  5. On your machine top stitch both sides of the fabric. Be sure to lengthen your stitch a bit and use a stronger needle to get through all layers of fabric and interfacing.
  6. Fold your fabric in half. Be sure to match the edges up and clip excess thread. img_4833
  7. Place your hardware on top of your fabric. Make sure it is even with the ends of the of the hardware. img_4834
  8. Using the pliers press firmly on each corner of your hardware and then press down on the middle portion.



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