Hey dolls! I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a more creamy, dreamy pattern and fabric combo than this! The Kielo wrap dress pattern by Named was MADE for jersey knit. Like most of my discoveries, I saw this dress first on Instagram and I knew that I had to make it. This is the perfect dress to wear to a cook out (to hide the burger and hot dog bloat), and it’s super comfortable!IMG_7224

I’ve seen so many variations of this on Instagram and I feel like it flatters everyone and it’s a lot easier to make than it looks, I promise! It took just one day to make – ya know, in between rest breaks and stuff. LOL. Named did an excellent job with illustrations with the instructions and had really great tips on printing the PDF. I would say that this pattern is for an advanced beginner. More on that later.IMG_7374


I got my fabric from Hart’s fabric. And yes, it’s as soft and bright as it looks! This is the type of fabric that you’re scared to cut into because it’s so beautiful. I always get excited to work with knit because I remember a time where it used to intimidate me.


I had the worst luck with jersey knit when I first started sewing. It was slippery, I could never make a straight cut and then when I brought it to the sewing machine I could not sew straight at all. And all the blogs I found all said the same thing! I needed to buy a walking foot. So I bought the walking foot – and I installed it wrong on my sewing machine, so it didn’t solve my problems at first. So once I figured out that I had been installing it wrong the entire time – I was smooth sailing, literally. Here’s some tips and tools you’ll need to be successful on your next knit fabric project!IMG_7280IMG_7173



  • Walking foot
  • Jersey stretch needles


  1. Buy good quality fabric. Feel how heavy it is and analyze if it’s good. The price per yard is usually a strong indicator. My rule of thumb is that a good jersey knit will likely be $6 and up. The median price is $8 for decent quality.
  2. Wash and dry your fabric before you cut into it.
  3. Use a really flat surface like a table to lay out your fabric.
  4. Use sharp scissors to cut into your fabric and make long cuts instead of short snippy cuts. If you feel confident, use a rotary cutter.
  5. Finish your edges with a serger, though it’s optional since it won’t unravel. You can invest in bias tape to finish neckline and exposed armholes.
  6. Use a small zig zag stitch to sew your seams.
  7. Be mindful of your seam allowance and ease. Since knit fabric is a 4 way stretch fabric, it’s very forgiving when it comes to ease. Avoid making your garment too baggy or too tight by considering these two factors.
  8. Avoid stretching the fabric as you cut and sew into it.


IMG_7164 (1)




One response to “The most comfortable dress you’ll ever make: tips on working with jersey knit fabric!”

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