I’m back with another pattern hack this week. And this time I made a flowy maxi dress for Spring! IMG_4065IMG_4037

This dress made me feel like I stepped out of 2019 and right into 1970. It’s so referential, but that’s why I love it. I think my favorite fashion decade is the 1970s, to be honest.

This was one of those makes that didn’t require a sketch or a second opinion, this was from the heart of who I am!

I used Simplicity 1059. I actually made another dress with the same pattern a few months ago and fell in love with the silhouette. Last week while I was sewing through my fabric stash, my wheels started spinning and I thought, “What if I made this into a maxi and put a slit up the middle.” So that’s what happened here! And just like the last time I didn’t use a zipper for the back.

I used this gorgeous crepe Telio fabric which has an amazing drape and ease. And I’m going to warn you, this fabric is almost always out of stock on fabric.com. I don’t even know how I got 3 yards of it! IMG_4008

This hack is super simple, I extended the front and back pattern pieces to floor length. For me, I measured from my high shoulder to the floor with the heels that I wanted to wear. I kept the sleeves and sash the same. IMG_3974

The slit part was really easy. The dress already has a center front seam. I simply measured from the bottom of the two center front pieces and marked where I wanted my slit to stop at the top of my dress. I measured up 24 inches. So when I sewed my center front I started from the top of the dress and stopped at my slit marking and hemmed the edges. So easy, right?

Will I be making this again? I’ll probably make this in 10 more colors and prints if someone would let me! IMG_4002



4 responses to “Flower child vibes: Simplicity 1059 pattern hack”

  1. Utamika Avatar

    Just beautiful 🙂


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you for always supporting! 🤗


  2. reghey60 Avatar

    I Love it! I am a true Flowers Girl from the 70’s


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