The Brielle Blouse by Rebecca Page Patterns

Happy Saturday! Today I’m wearing the Brielle blouse from Rebecca Page Patterns. She has so many beautiful blouses that it was so hard to choose which one I wanted to make this month for my April sew.

This one has two separate options, a long sleeve and a sleeveless. Because I live in the South I chose the sleeveless option.


I chose georgette fabric from Hobby Lobby. I used about 2 yards but I had so much left over that you can easily use 1.5 yards instead. It was very affordable and only cost $9 for the amount I purchased. IMG_4079

I definitely developed a new skill set when working with georgette. I think the last time I used it was probably 5 years ago and I wasn’t as advanced in my sewing. I made a pretty kimono in theory -but oh, the edges and seams. Eek! Just awful.

This time around, I had much better luck and I was able to manage the fabric at the sewing machine. The challenge was at the cutting table – but I powered through that as well. The key is to use a rotary cutter with a new blade and tons of pattern weights.


I would change one thing with this pattern. I would consider grading a pattern down the next time I make it. There is a lot of ease in this pattern, especially in the stomach area.

I think I would also consider making this into a hack one day. Do we like the idea of a maxi dress with this same neckline?IMG_4080

4 thoughts on “The Brielle Blouse by Rebecca Page Patterns

  1. Super Cute girl- of course you can never have too many maxis in my opinion 🙂 That may be a fun hack.


    1. Thanks Shannon! I too believe in never enough maxis lol


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