It’s May! So bring on the flowers, more pink, more blooming and most of all more growth! Figuratively and literally!

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m adding this to my list for the #memademay2019 sew along and #sewfreshsewclean13 sew along. I can double dip, right?IMG_4254 (1)

I know you must be thinking “aren’t you tired of jackets?!” And my answer is, nope, never! I’m so ashamed to say that I had this pattern and fabric for almost a year and I was intimidated by the idea of making a trench. Well, after the Sapporo coat and then the jacket hack this was a walk in the park -literally!

And now that I know how to make lapels, well let’s just say that blazer I want to make is just around a nice Fall corner.

IMG_4371 (1)

simplicity 8554The pattern I used is by Simplicity 8554 which is a petite pattern. I was so excited for this since I am short and I didn’t have to make any height adjustments. I actually made a size 10 -and I typically range in the 12-14 size range. I think this jacket is a really nice fit, but looking at the measurements on the envelope I actually think I could’ve made a size 8 -all while still being very comfortable.

For this pattern I used about 3 yards of this gorgeous pink Cotton + Steel fabric. And let me say this, I was gambling with my sewing life with this fabric. But, seriously. I wanted to make a jacket with texture and lots of color, but I was really scared that this might turn into a wearable sofa or a bathrobe situation. Thankfully, it did not! My fashion radar was spot on -and I cannot wait to wear this next Spring. Yes, I really mean next Spring. It’s way too warm in South Carolina to wear it now.IMG_4163


IMG_4162 (1)This fabric print might seem a little bold to someone who doesn’t work with prints. However, as long as you cut the pattern in the same direction for each pattern piece then you should have success with this. I also made sure that I was intentional about how the print was cut (ie: making sure my birds and flowers matched on each lapel). I cut single layers (as shown below) and used my white pencil to mark the center back so I can continue to cut on the single layer.

Will I use this pattern again? Absolutely, but perhaps in a solid next time. Would I use this fabric again? The more and more I worked with it, the more I liked it for a pair of jeans. Ambitious, yes. Impossible, no.IMG_4205 (1)




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