Today it’s all about prints -and how to mix them! I’m wearing head-to-toe me makes and I took a gamble and said to myself, “Stripes and dots? Yeah, this will go great!” It was just something in my mind that worked out well IRL. IMG_4638

I’m wearing a full skirt made with the Arabella skirt from Rebecca Page Patterns. This was an easy make that took no time! I used 3 yards of fabric from Hobby Lobby. It’s 45 inch fabric so I actually had to use it against the grainline in order for my pattern pieces to fit on the fabric. The skirt is full and not fitted at all so this did not impact the fit.

The shirt I’m wearing probably looks super familiar. I made it to match my pink overalls -but I really liked it with this skirt too. It’s a McCall hack that you can learn more about here. IMG_4623

The mixing of prints was not a mistake. In fact, there is an entire science behind mixing prints and you can actually see several examples on display in this very outfit!

  1. It’s aesthetically pleasing! Together the prints do not hurt your eyes!
  2. Notice that I have kept my colors complementary. I used black, white and yellow.
  3. Select prints that share a mutual color. My stripes and dots are both white.
  4. Stripes and dots together are a thing. A Spring/Summer thing!
  5. One print should be larger than the other. My stripes are hardly noticeable next to the dots. Am I right?




2 responses to “The perfect combination: How to mix & match prints”

  1. Utamika Avatar

    beautiful Raven 🙂


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you! 🤗

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