Helleaux! I recently went on a trip to New Orleans (one of my favorite cities) and of course I made my wardrobe. Well, 90% of my clothes. More on that later.IMG_5832

I turned 30 and I wanted nothing more than to celebrate in New Orleans with my loved ones, so that includes my parents and of course, Joe. We rented a car, took a 10 hour road trip (actually not bad) and booked an Airbnb!IMG_5923

The first day there we checked in and freshened up. We had plans to go to Dookie Chase, but those fell through when my mom called at 5:30 (they open at 5) and they told her that they were not taking any more patrons. And they DO NOT DO RESERVATIONS.

I couldn’t believe it. This was my second time in New Orleans and the second time that I missed an opportunity to try this restaurant. C’est la vie…IMG_5848

We ended up going into the Quarter and eating at Deanie’s. It was an awesome seafood spot off Canal I believe. Followed by my parents splitting up from Joe and I while we found the fish bowl of all fish bowls and walked onto the set of a show. They happened to be filming season 2 of Purge.

We wouldn’t meet up with my parents again until the end of the night at Cafe du Monde. Perfect ending right? I think so too!img_5881.jpg

Ok, enough personal stuff. I teased in my last post about my bookbag which came in handy A LOT during our trip. I was able to fit my camera, keys, wallet, phone and probably a few other things very comfortably. I used the back pocket A LOT as well since it was easy to access. I put my phone there most of the time since I would go back and forth from holding it and putting it away.

It even came in handy during the road trip to and from New Orleans. I used to think backpacks were just for kids, but this might be my new thing, y’all.IMG_5837

Back to my 90% me made wardrobe. So can I tell you how disappointed I am in myself for not finishing my last thing (and not fixing another thing)? But hindsight is 20/20 and I’m actually glad I didn’t finish it. Not that it would’ve been out of place, but knowing what I know now about my trip, it wasn’t meant to be.

But picture this… it’s 4am and I’m still working on my garment. I’m tired, I lost my sewjo 2 hours ago and we’re supposed to get up at 5am. Clearly, I was delirious. My mom came into my living room (they were spending the night) and she literally had to pry my hands away from my sewing machine. As I cried and sobbed about my project the one I botched and the other unfinished, my mom reminded me that I’ve already made lots of other really pretty things and that I had so much to look forward to. She demanded that I leave my sewing machine at home (though I had other plans) and just enjoy my time in New Orleans.IMG_5871

Mother always knows best. So without further adeaux (see what I did there, too?)… I present my Ogden Cami (only my third one) and London Backpack with….my skirt from Target. Doesn’t have a bad ring to it!



4 responses to “New Orleans: Part Un”

  1. Create & Pray Avatar

    Love this Raven and cannot wait to see the rest. Glad you tried. I know next time you will definitely have 100% #memade on your next trip.💗


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you Christine! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Utamika Avatar

    The back pack is everything! Loving this look! 🙂


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Aww thank you so much! It’s so practical!


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