Brunch, anyone? I feel like that’s an important part of any vacation, especially in a place where most activities involve trying new or interesting cuisine.

For the day, I wore my favorite Summer pattern, an ogden cami hack. Once again, I extended the bodice, but this time to the floor to make a maxi dress. I wanted there to be some drama so I added a front seam and made a slit up the front (approximately 24 inches) and 2 on each side at the same length. This worked perfectly during our nice walk along the river promenade in the afternoon.IMG_9887

So for my birthday brunch we went to Brennan’s. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Probably the best decision I have made so far as a 30-year-old. The food, decor and overall experience get a 10 out of 10!

I mean, when I put in the reservation at Open Table they asked if I was celebrating anything. I let them know it was birthday. And that completely transferred over to the host who wished me a happy birthday. We were quickly escorted to our seats in what can only be described as the “Green Room.” Each room seemed to have a different color and theme. There were bistro chairs with blush cushions, art that told a story within each panel, and a courtyard (with a fountain and turtles) that was accessible from just a doorway away!IMG_9886

When we got to our table there was an adorable pink ribbon that lied across the table. The wait staff was second to none, very attentive, professional and in full livery. Whew, yes, this is where I belong!

I had duck hash topped with a sunny side up egg. Joe had french toast. My mom had eggs Benedict and my dad had an omelette. At the end of our brunch they brought a dessert for the table and an apron for me! How do they know me so well?

After brunch we went to Cafe Beignet. I wanted to compare the beignets from Cafe du Monde to Cafe Beignet. Everyone disagrees with me but Cafe Beignet stole my heart. There’s were bigger, ambiance was a little better and the donut seemed a little fluffier. But hey, what do I know?

We spent the afternoon listening to jazz music on Frenchmen Street while my parents went to the mall (eye roll).

Stay tuned for Part Trois….



2 responses to “New Orleans: Part Deux”

  1. Utamika Avatar

    ahhhh such a beautiful piece 🙂 love love this dress. The print and all


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you, I’ve had the fabric forever but couldn’t decide what to do with it


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