So I was on IG doing a recent pattern haul, when one of my fellow sewing bloggers did a very similar pattern haul featuring the same pattern. I reached out to Brittany Jones and mentioned how our hauls were very similar.IMG_7019 (1)

Together we came up with a plan to pull an IG stunt. We decided to make the same pattern out of the same fabric (we just happened to have the same one from Telio…crazy, right?) and make different views. Enter, a friendly fashion face-off between us. IMG_7184

I think what I enjoy most about our face-off is that even though we used the same pattern and the same fabric, we kept our own styles.

So let’s get into it. We used McCall’s pattern 7970. I made view A. And I have to say, that ruffles have been everywhere recently. I mean, this is the second pattern I’ve made this month with ruffles. The dress is very easy to make and even more fun to sew together as I watched the print dance all over sewing machine and cutting table. IMG_7156

View A is a mini dress, that I made even mini-er (not a real word) by cutting off 2 inches at the bottom. The waistband has an elastic band in it, but for styling purposes I added a navy blue belt from Banana Republic (several years old). It definitely added shape to my waistline.

Am I crazy or do the ruffles, my afro and print give a very retro vibe? I thought so too. It kind of reminds me of the pictures I see of my grandmother and great aunts from the 70’s dancing at parties, hosting backyard cook-outs and birthday parties. IMG_7058

Normally, I would say something like, I’ll make this again…but I’m not sure I need to make this again. I think this dress and print are a match made in heaven as is, and there needs to be only one of this silhouette in my closet.

Until next time… IMG_7172



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