Hello friends! Long time no see, right? Well, I kind of decided to do the scrapbusting series by the seat of my pants….without completely realizing that I would have to sew a lot of stuff. I know it seems like the obvious answer, but I always seem to think that there are little elves that will do my work for me at night. LOL, if y’all know any elves that like to sew, please send them to my house. K? Thanks!

So about part 2…you might remember this striped fabric from my print mixing post. If not, no biggie! I had 2 yards of this fabric from Harts Fabric and was able to get 2 shirts out of it….and I think I still have a decent amount left. Maybe I’ll use it for my year-end quilt? We’ll see…

In my scrapbusting travels…not only have I learned about the amount of fabric that I’ve been hoarding (and for what?!), but also the amount of patterns I have never used. I originally had this idea of making a knit Ogden cami with this fabric, but someone suggested making a turtleneck instead and the rest is history. Sorta….IMG_1323

I loved the idea, but I didn’t have a turtleneck pattern that could easily be manipulated…until I remember I had this bodysuit pattern (Simplicity 8513). Eureka! IMG_1305IMG_1324

I traced the front and back bodice and measured down to the waistline on trace paper. I cut the shapes out and cut my fabric making 2 pieces out of the back, one piece for the front, and a turtleneck collar. I hemmed the waistline and arm holes. It was done so quickly, it even made my head spin.

So not only was this a quick sew, that added variety to my wardrobe…but also I used a pattern that I never used before. I even have to admit that I’ve added a few new tools to my belt for it to be just a scrapbusting project.



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