Scrap busting series part 3: The Calvin Wrap top

Hey y’all! Back again! And we’re keeping the scrap busting train moving!

So, the third garment in my series is the Calvin wrap top pattern by True Bias. I had the opportunity to test the pattern over the Summer and fell in love with how easy, and little amount of fabric I had to use to make my project. It was a no brainer to include this in my series!

I’m wearing the muslin I made for the pattern. I loved the color and how it came out, that I didn’t see the need in recreating the wheel, right?

The fabric I used is….well, it was passed down to me so I actually don’t have any idea what it is. But if I had to guess, it feels a lot like crepe de chine. It’s a nice burnt orange color, that has a slight crinkle texture to it. I had about a yard and a half and it was 45 inches. I literally had just the right amount for the top.

Not going to lie, the crimp texture made it a little hard to sew the bias tape, but not impossible. I just had to take my time, ya know?

This is a very quick sew, with easy to read directions and honestly…the hacking ideas are already calling my name. Contrasting bias tape, anyone?

6 thoughts on “Scrap busting series part 3: The Calvin Wrap top

  1. Love this! I was waiting to see someone with a fuller bust do this top before purchasing. Yours looks ah-mazing!!


    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad I was able to help you! ❤️😁


  2. Robin Carrington August 29, 2019 — 10:05 am

    It’s very pretty and it looks comfortable. I can’t wait to see the Ina wrap skirt. 💜


  3. Great top. Does the back cover your bra strap? Thank you.


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