Welcome to my new series: “5 ways to rock leopard this Fall.” So one, leopard is definitely having a moment this year. But, please let the record show that I’ve always been a fan of leopard. I mean, I have been rocking a faux leopard mink for the last 3 New Years Eves. And, I’ve been known to make other purchases involving my favorite neutral. So… leopard is not lacking in my closet whatsoever.

But I really love how much attention that it is getting this season. So much so, that I’m launching a new series that shows you all the ways you can wear leopard too.IMG_9031 (1)

I chose to go with a “travel chic” theme for my first since I will be traveling to Mississippi to see my beau and this is something I would totally wear on the plane. Baseball cap, sunglasses and something comfy. It’s super casual, but it also work well against chatty strangers. (I needs my sleep on the plane! xo).IMG_8995

My pull over sweatshirt is made by me with McCall pattern 7688 view A. I made this in a matter of a couple hours (minus the black out and juggling work calls between sewing seams). It’s definitely a quick sew and it great for beginners since it requires no closure.mccall7688

My jeans are Old Navy and my baseball cap…well, I like to rep my hometown every now and again. IMG_9068



3 responses to “5 Ways to rock leopard this Fall | Travel Chic”

  1. Angie H. Avatar
    Angie H.

    CUTE sis. I realized that I can only do leopard in small doses. Since I know that you love leopard I have several yards of stretch that needs a new home. Good Looks! Keep em coming. 🙂


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thanks Angie!!! I would love to foster some new leopard 😂😂😂


      1. Angie H. Avatar
        Angie H.

        Great! ☺ I will DM you.


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