It seems like the entire Summer I was surrounded by sewists who made beautiful garments from the Crowded Faces collection by Lady McElroy.

I went back and forth on if I loved the fabric (it is quite an investment). Then by the time I wanted to purchase it, Summer was over and I had to figure out what I was going to do with my new fabric.

So I decided on a Lou box top by Sew DIY. It’s my second time making this top. I used the scoop neck pattern piece and the straight hem bottom. It’s a quick sew and a versatile enough top to dress up or down.

The fabric is from Hart’s Fabric. They had an awesome sale that I could not resist.

I purchased a yard and a half. It has a bit of a directional pattern so I was intentional about the faces and how I laid down my pattern pieces to show off the fabric in the best way.

I styled it with a fringe robe from the Loft (a few Springs ago), my leggings and black booties. This is more or less my casual Fall weather uniform, especially on a day where it’s 60 degrees or higher.

You probably noticed that I have a Starbucks cup in my hand. I had the sniffles but I so badly wanted to take these pics.

As I write this, my sniffles are gone. And that’s only thanks to my off menu Starbucks drink “The Medicine Ball.” It will knock out any signs of a cold quicker than any over-the-counter medicine.

Until next time….


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