It’s always nice when you can go into a store and look at a garment and say “I know how this was made!” Or, “I bet I can make that!” And often times, I leave a clothing store feeling more empowered than ever to finish projects and make my next outfit.

But what happens when you can’t get something that you saw out of your head? Do you choke back the guilt and buy it anyway? The short answer is…yes! (Sometimes).

I instantly fell in love with this sweater at first sight. Hello, it’s leopard and super cozy. And immediately, I began creating an entire outfit around this one sweater. Thoughts from my head included: “Ohh a jersey knit black midi with white sneakers!” And “I can wear this on the plane it feels like a blanket.” And with that, I had a new sweater in my closet.

So I introduce to all of you. The mother all sweaters. The quintessential movie-theater, Target run, wear on a plane, sit by the fire, hang off the back of your office chair, leopard sweater. It’s not just a regular sweater, it’s a cool sweater.

I paired it with a me-make however, because is it even worth mentioning if I didn’t make some part of outfit? The dress is a black, midi, turtleneck dress. I used Simplicity 8513 for the top and self drafted the bottom. My jersey knit fabric is from Walmart (at least 2 years old). I made the dress in one evening.

This is also super comfy as well and is super soft and stretchy. I’ve worn it a few times already, with absolutely no sign of tossing it away. LOL.


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