Happy Monday! Every once in a while I like to indulge my inner old-soul vintage vibes and make something retro. As soon as I saw this pattern in the McCall catalogue, I knew that it could be something really great.

It’s true what people say. A sewing pattern is like a cooking recipe. You can add, subtract, multiply….and on, and on, and on! This was one of those times. I turned view B into a mini dress!  mccall7977

My vision for this look was a whole mood. Think: progressive 60’s bride! I mean, I even took my photos in front of a church with these beautiful red doors. LOL. Now, let’s not get crazy, I’m not engaged or the next to walk down the aisle, but if I were a young lady in the 1960s, this would probably be my look. IMG_2291

So…onto the best part…just what exactly did I change?

  1. Extended the hem line of the shirt and made it a dress.
  2. Changed the cuffs from 2 buttons to 3 buttons. I felt like there was too much dead space between the buttons that I chose for my dress.



My thoughts on this pattern?

  1. Well….this pattern definitely had a lot of hand sewing. I slip stitched the cuffs and hand sewed the buttons. I was exhausted, but I really loved the outcome which makes it that much sweeter.
  2. The yoke. Maybe this could’ve been explained better? Or maybe I haven’t made a lot of garments with a yoke?? We’ll see. LOL.

Would I make this again? It’s possible, but I feel like this is a one of a kind piece that really deserves to stand alone. What do you think?

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