It’s a complete coincidence that yesterday I posted a matching separates look…and that here I am again, doing the same thing! Ha!

I originally made this outfit for a date night for my trip to Jackson, Mississippi to see my boyfriend and the weather switched up completely when I landed so I never got to wear this on a date. But…if I could…I would!

At first glance this looks like a dress, right? But in actuality this is the Lou box top and Simplicity wrap skirt pattern 8606 view A. I’ve made about 5 Lou tops in all, but this wrap skirt was an absolute first for me. And I have to admit that I don’t enjoy a lot of hype about something, so my reaction to this pattern was a bit delayed. Like, by an entire year! And then when I finally made it, I completely went against everything the pattern directions call for and still made it my own. simplicity8606

I was really inspired by Free People and their unfinished edges on their knit garments. Actually, I didn’t want to hem the skirt because I felt like it would add extra bulk to the bottom (even a narrow hem), and so I scratched that idea. And since my shirt essentially matches the skirt, I left the sleeves and the bottom hem unfinished as well.

Let’s not get it twisted though, I completely finished the raw edges of the seam allowances on both pieces. I was not completely reckless. LOL. IMG_9533

I followed the directions pretty closely for the Lou top. I did however, extend the pattern piece for the collar. No matter how much I tried, I could not get the neckband to fit around the top of the shirt. So after extending it a few 3-4 inches, it all worked out.

The skirt is a quick sew as well. However, the pattern does not call for knit, but it worked out perfectly in this instance. I did not adjust the seam allowance or even the size that I needed. But here are a few adjustments that I made:

  1. Do not interface the waistband
  2. Do staystitch the skirt pieces
  3. Add gathers to the back skirt pieces (this worked for my body frame, it’s just an option)



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