Merry Christmas everyone! It is truly one of the most wonderful times of the year!

Since I’m currently on vacay and it’s a national holiday, I’m going to keep this super, super short!

Here it is! My red dress. It was supposed to have a sequin collar…but there was way too much bulk and I didn’t have all of the resources I would normally have at my disposal since I made this while being away from home.

Though…I am considering this dress a personal feat for a number of reasons.

1. Sewing abroad

2. Being completely prepared/organized to sew this on the go (supplies, notions and all).

3. Removing the collar AFTER clipping and trimming the seam allowance, and still saving the dress!

Even if this is a super simple pattern (Simplicity 8946), I’m still proud of it.

Oh, and before I forget…my fabric: Ponte de Roma (approx. 2 yards)

My scarf is self-drafted and me-made from last year. (Maybe I’ll make a tutorial in the future).

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, xo!


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