To say I’m feeling myself is an understatement. I’m in LOVEEEE with my new me made jeans and I have Mimi G to thank! So let me start from the top, Simplicity 8655 already has so many goodies. For example, I made the top twice last Summer. And the pants seriously do not disappoint either. I’m just going to give the ending away and say that I will be making more pants from this pattern in the future.

On a personal note, I’ve always loved flare jeans. To me, they’ve never gone out of style. And what I love most is that the flare at the bottom really creates lovely lines that flatter my shape. What I also love is how many ways you can style your flare jeans. One look at Pinterest will inspire you to create so many looks!

So let’s get back to the hack… I will admit that the Free People hack is not my idea. AT. ALL. Mimi actually shared this hack on her IGTV and it was absolutely genius. It’s a super quick video on how to use the slash and spread method on the “bell” of the jeans starting from the knee. I made sure to follow her directions and make 3 even slashes and separated them by 2 inches each. Viola! I had a huge flare just like the cool girls who wear Free People!

I also made minor modifications for my height. I took the rise up by 1 inch (although I should’ve taken it up by 2 inches). I also took the pant leg up by 1 inch too then created a 3 inch hem at the bottom.

The sewing and cutting took no time after my small modifications. My fabric is a super stretch denim from I ordered 3 yards. I pre-washed my fabric and the dye did bleed a bit. I had to clean my washing machine afterwards. I also had to wash my hands after sewing the jeans since the dye bled a bit on my hands too.

Mimi G also offers a YouTube video to go along with this pattern. Of course I followed along and she never disappoints. She had a great tip for how to make an easier pin tuck.

So… am I making these again? It’s no question! I really want a light denim flare with some distress next. Too much?




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