Happy Monday!! It’s already March! Wow, 2020 is zooming by!

So I promise that this post is not an ad in anyway. But I can’t get enough of “Breaking the Pattern” and the ladies behind Named Clothing. This is my second make from the collection in the book, and I kid you not, it fits like a glove and it makes me feel sexy and confident — just like the first make. I am not one for hype, but this book is amazing.

Here’s my top 8 reasons I love this book and why I’m gently encouraging you to make the investment.

1. It lives up to its name! One glance at any of the flat illustrations of the patterns and you’ll see that you can literally build these patterns up, or break them down. You can choose to experiment with color blocks, make them solid or choose a great print! The main idea, is that there is no right or wrong way. It’s YOUR way!

2. There are a ton of online resources. So the book has been out for a few years. You can find inspo in every corner of the internet for the book, YouTube videos etc to help you along. Plus there is the sewing community on IG!

3. The patterns come with the book. So cool right? What’s even cooler…is that you don’t have to use those patterns. You can type in the ISBN on Named Clothing’s website and print PDF patterns to your heart’s content!

4. The directions are easy to follow. I’ll be honest, I have not read this book 100% cover to cover. But the patterns that I have made have been pretty simple (and one of them was lined!). The pictures help a lot too.

5. Enhance your skills! I’ve learned some pretty cool tricks and tools along the way. A lot of commercial patterns have pretty generous seam allowances. Named Clothing requires a 3/8 seam allowance. At first I was scared, but then I realized that it made me a better cutter and sewer.

6. Small successes. Remember I mentioned that it lives up to its name? A lot patterns have similar building blocks. For example, if you make the Rae pants, you’ll use the same steps for the Solina jumpsuit. And if you make the Utu skirt, it’s the same steps for the Pinafore! You can literally start off small and build your way to a more advanced project. The authors make a great pathway forward for anyone to be successful, from telling you the supplies you’ll need to sharing general sewing and fit instructions in the beginning.

7. So just how many patterns are there? Officially, around 19. Unofficially, the possibilities are endless. Truth be told, you can build a year round wardrobe or capsule collection just from this book and save a TON on buying $1.99 patterns every other month.

8. There’s something for everyone! I’ll be honest I was a bit cynical even after I bought the book. I thought, these models are so thin, there is no way that these patterns will look the same on me. Well, we don’t look the same. But I still look and feel great. I’m not shaped like a model. I’m short, I have a large bust. I’m high waisted and my waist doesn’t really cinch like the cool girls. And my hips are literally the same circumference as my bust…balance and proportion are my enemy and friend. And I walk a fine tight rope in wanting to wear what I love versus what looks right for my body. This book breaks down all of those stereotypes and preconceived notions pattern by pattern. Do yourself a favor, and get you one! 😉


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