Hey guys! Happy Monday! I know that we’ve all been wearing t-shirts, no bras and sweatpants, but I’ve really been longing to dress up in a something super feminine and ethereal.

Enter McCall pattern 7974! This dress screams 70s bohemia! The sleeves, the silhouette – I mean I was in love at first sight!

I chose a white seersucker fabric that has some texture to it, but still breathable and Spring-ish. I chose to have mismatched buttons on the dress to add to the wildflower, boho vibe that I was going for.

The cut of this dress is not as conservative as the envelope would suggest. At the same time, I have a larger bust and I definitely filled in the bodice.

I chose View B since I really liked those sleeves and the skirt length the best. If I were to make this again I would consider a floor length version with a small print.


2 responses to “All dressed up! | Pattern review McCalls 7974”

  1. DaRelle Rollins Avatar
    DaRelle Rollins

    Gosh, I love this one.


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