Hey everyone! I know we’re all trying to make it day to day with everything going on, but I wanted to pop in and talk about something that we can all relate to…and that’s time. Whether you feel like you have too much, or simply not enough…it’s something that all sewists have stressed over.

Last year, Tilly and the Buttons asked me to test a pattern for her new book featuring nothing but projects centralized around the theme of time and getting them done in a matter of minutes or an hour based on the time you had available. She made sure to add options for creativity too!

I think this book might be sold out on her website but when it becomes available again, I encourage you (no matter your skill level) to pick up a copy. Here’s 5 reasons I can’t get enough of this book!

1. Every project is timed. And it was completely intentional. If you only have an afternoon, there’s a project for that. Just 10 minutes? She has you covered.

2. The book progresses from easiest to hardest. So if you’re new to sewing, guess what? You don’t have to be overwhelmed. Start slow, at the beginning and by the end, you will see how much you’ve grown through all of your projects!

I’m wearing the Suki dress pattern from the book!

3. There’s room for innovation and creativity. Tilly gives you tips to elevate your look but it doesn’t have to stop there. If you’re feeling ambitious or want to play with lines and illusions the pattern blocks are easy enough to manipulate or change to do so.

4. Step by step instructions. They’re easy to follow and the pictures are very clear, too.

5. Resources. She has a list of tools and tips at the beginning of the book. And you can even download the patterns from her website for free using the ISBN number.


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