Happy Wednesday! I know every day has been feeling like the weekend around here, but boy do I have a new maxi dress that can’t wait to go outside! LOL. She will be everywhere once things get back to normal!

I used McCall pattern 7922 and extended it to the floor to turn it into more like a “caftan” or casual maxi dress. I love this pattern a lot. The v-neck line is very flattering to my shape and I really enjoy the knot in the front.

Now for the details. It was really tricky extending the pieces because the front is 2 pattern pieces. So in this case, I extended the back by about 20 inches (to match my desired length), then extended it the same amount on the front bottom piece only.

I used a jersey knit fabric for the dress from Fabric.com but the designer name is driving me nuts because I cannot remember where it’s from. Eek!! Because it’s jersey I decided to leave out the back zipper and just sewed up the center back. I still included the front facing which made a nice finish on the dress neckline.

I made sure to topstitch the sleeve and bottom hem with a “double needle” design to give it the authentic overlock/jersey/RTW look.

Oh the places we’ll go…soon.


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